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Maffia SIG

Welcome at the home page of Maffia SIG, a special interest group within Mensa HungarIQa!

Short history of our SIG

Maffia SIG was founded in London during the Mensa Golden program in August 1996, by some Hungarian mensans. Their purpose was to make the Ms of other nations acquainted with the game called Mafia. With the aid of David B. Miller (USA) and some local members several games were played in the rooms of Hotel Metropolitan. After a short period of advertising many Mensans from many countries (eg. USA, Ireland, Great Britain, Austria, Germany, Norway, etc.) interested in playing this game. The game was succesful among them and many of the players decided to introduce it to other mensans at home.

Some of the curious mensans recognized Mafia as a somewhat changed version of a popular game played in his own country. This gave us the idea of collecting the different versions of Mafia.

The founders :

  • Orsolya Szakál Hungary
  • Péter Szakál Hungary
  • Zoltán Gyeszat Hungary
  • Júlia Goldman Hungary
  • Tamás Patócs Hungary
  • Péter Kuba Hungary
  • András Kuba Hungary

  • Aims

    The Maffia SIG has three main purposes:

    1. Collect as many information on the game Mafia as possible. You can find official rules, different opinions, articles, rules of different versions, and more stuff in this web site.
    2. Maintain connection with people playing Mafia-like games in foreign countries. We would like to get in contact and cooperate with every SIG or group playing Mafia.
    3. Organize a huge amount of exciting games all over the country.


    If you want to know more about Mafia click here.

    If you want to play it click here.

    If your group plays Mafia or a game similar to it, or you look for a group of this kind, please click here.

    Send comments and questions to:
    András Kuba,

    Last Updated:
    25th Oct 1996